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Friday, 24 May 2019

How to load credit cards and prepaid cards with CHECK

Hello guys in this article I will like to share with you an interesting tutorial I learnt from a friend which I think it will help you all so without beating about the bush let get started

How to Load Credit cards and prepaid cards with CHECK

1. Download Ingo money on Android or iPhone


2. Signup using some fullz such as ssn, dob, full name and address

3. Click on add account account.

4. Click on the preferred account and link it

5. Buy logs with routine number and account number

6. Search the log owners name via background check websites

7. Use the routine number to search for the bank address

8. Create an account on and link the bank log to it and send check via email

9. Print out the check on an A4 paper if you dont have money for check book and trim all excess off it

10. Go back to ingo money app and click on check deposit then use the printed check as check input

11. You have just successfully made a payment to either bank account or credit or prepaid card

Note that all transaction should be less than 5000$ at once

This is where you take pics of the front and back of check

Ingo money clears Instantly ✅


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